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Frequently Asked Questions about our Family of Faith Program

Q1: I have a 1st and 4th Grader. How will I be able to do 2 lessons at home and will my spouse need to attend a session for one grade and me the other?
A: You will not need to do separate lessons for each child. The topics are identical for grades 1-5. The lessons should be completed together as a family and can even include children younger and older. Your parent guide and our weekly newsletters will include suggestions to enhance or simplify lessons according to your families needs and desires. There is only one monthly session for all parents grades 1-5 so couples do not need to attend separate sessions.
Q2: Will special/separate sessions be held for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion?
A: There will be an orientation meeting for parents in January. In keeping with the conviction that parents are the primary teachers of the faith to their children and that our role is to accompany you on this journey, we also provide a church/home lessons hybrid for Sacrament prep.  Additionally, there will be a "mini" retreat for First Reconciliation and another for First Holy Communion. These retreats are designed fo the entire family. See calendar for dates and times.
Q3: I am a single parent / my spouse is not Catholic.  Will this program work for my family?
A: Absolutely!  God in His Love gives the graces necessary so that every familiy is equipped to bring their children to Him.  Family-based catechesis is a wonderful blessing to families in any situation.  The clear, simple explanations of the Faith as presented in Family of Faith lessons are a great way for a non-Catholic parent to learn about Catholicism, to open discussion and to have their questions answered.
Q4: I have forgotten most of what I learned as a child wouldn't someone else be a better catechist for my children?
A: For some of you the task of teaching your children might seem above your pay grade. You might be thinking the catechist is better equipped than you are. But this is not and could not possibly be true. God has given you these precious children and in so doing He has called you to be their primary way of coming to know Him. The Lord never calls us to a task that He will not also support and equip us to do. So, if you are feeling discouraged, take a breath and say a prayer. Then know that our team is praying for you as well. If you wish, email us for help. Our DRE is always happy to answer questions or to schedule a phone call or meeting if you so desire.
Q5: How on earth are we to find the time for all this?
You may be thinking it is impossible to find time to teach the faith to your children. We encourage you to get creative and perhaps re-think how you look at this. You do not need to set huge blocks of time aside to teach. Instead always be on the alert for "teachable moments" and be ever aware that at every moment your actions or lack thereof are in fact teaching your children something. So try  - and remember only God is perfect - to act according to that awareness. This kind of awareness can open up more time to teach than any classroom teacher could ever hope to have.

You are the one who is with your child when they wake up each morning. Does your day begin with prayer? Even a very short one can set the day on a much better path by reminding you and your children that we are all blessed. Tie that prayer to the theme for the week and you are teaching and in only minutes!

You are the one who helps your child when they are frustrated with homework or some other issue. Take this opportunity to pray with them to God for support and consolation. No lesson plan any of the catechists could ever whip up will bring them closer to God than a moment like this with you.
Please let us know if you have any further questions. Contact Valerie at

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