Faith Formation Policies & Procedures



Attendance Policy

A critical part of Faith Formation is regular and punctual attendance, unless illness or other serious reason, prevent it. Especially now in our current COVID environment absence is encouraged if you or your child have any suspicion or symptoms. Make up work is expected when your health has returned.

For reasons other than illness, an absence may be excused in advance with a plan to make up the missed lesson. At the end of the year, the Catechist will recommend the student for advancement to the next grade. In other words, promotion is contingent on satisfactory participation. That said we strive to be flexible and understanding and will work to insure your success. Therefore any family/student that has not completed the year to the satisfaction of the catechist, DRE or Pastor may still be granted, on a case-by-case basis, an opportunity to make up the missed lessons. A parent/guardian must meet with the Director of Faith Formation (DRE) to develop a plan to make up the missed lessons. Continued unexcused absenteeism without work made up will seriously jeopardize further advancement, and/or participation in sacramental programs.

Missed Grade Level Years

All grade levels of religious education are important, each assisting the child to grow in a deeper love and knowledge of God and of their role as a disciple of Jesus Christ and as a member of the Catholic community. If a child/family misses a year of faith formation, please contact the DRE to develop a plan to catch up. If the formation was provided for outside of our Holy Spirit program please inform our DRE of where, when and how.  Completion of grades 1 and 2 in our program or Catholic school religion classes are required before entering the Communion preparation program in Grade 2. Completion of grades 3 through 7 of our program or Catholic school religion classes are required before entering the Confirmation preparation program in Grade 8.

Special Needs

Holy Spirit recognizes that sometimes the program as we offer it may not be suited to your unique situation. If a serious reason exists and permission is granted by the DRE in consultation with the Pastor unique Faith Formation plans can be created. Parents and students are required to meet with the DRE to develop and assess such plans. Parents are responsible for contacting the DRE to set-up such meetings, failure to do so could jeopardize advancement to the next grade.

Inclement Weather Policy

We will try to anticipate any hazardous weather conditions before classes or events in order to provide timely notification of cancellations. Notification of cancelled classes will be posted on this website, News 12 and via email and/or text message. Missed classes will be rescheduled. Do not venture out if conditions are hazardous. Even if class is held we will not penalize you if you choose to stay home due to weather conditions. Most often we err on the side of caution so it is not likely you will need to make such a judgement.

Mass will continue to be held at the regularly scheduled times Saturday 5:15 p.m., Sunday 7:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  even when classes are cancelled

Cancellation of Holy Spirit religious education classes

will be posted on

News Channel 12 and this website


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