Thank you & Advent

From Monsignor Royal and the Royal Family


My brother Bob and I received hundreds upon hundreds of sympathy cards, flowers, fruit baskets, etc., on the occasion of our mother’s death. There’s no way on God’s good earth that we could possibly send thank you cards to everyone in a timely manner, so please accept this as a personal thank you for your Mass cards, prayers, verbal expressions of sympathy, and presence at the Wake and/or Funeral Mass. A mother’s death is difficult, but I cannot tell you what your support meant to us all. I’m very familiar with your kindnesses, but Bob and our extended family were utterly amazed. So thank you, all, and please know of our prayers and gratitude.

Many Blessing,

Monsignor Kevin Royal

ADVENT at Holy Spirit: November 27 – December 24, 2016

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Please read the following offer for having a profitable Advent and Christmas. If you choose the offer, either type in the Best Advent Ever link below, or look for the link on our website or Newsletter. It’s simple to do, wonderful to receive and Christ will be there.

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We prepare for everything we consider important in life. And that includes Christmas. We shop for gifts, bake cookies, decorate our trees, and visit family and friends until we’re ready to drop.

These activities are all part of the season, but at its heart, Advent is about getting ready to encounter Jesus. Opening your heart to him. Getting to know him. Becoming a better husband or wife, father or mother, son or daughter, friend, etc.

This Advent, join me and your fellow parishioners for Best Advent Ever: Rediscover Christmas, a free email program from Dynamic Catholic that will help you slow down and focus on what really matters during the busy season. Each day, you’ll receive an email with practical tips, free Christmas music, or an inspirational video from Dr. Allen Hunt and other Catholic voices of our time.

The program is simple. All you have to do is sign up at Your experience of Christmas will be unlike any you’ve experienced before. Are you ready for your best Advent ever?


Heart, Soul and Mind

Monsignor Royal's weekly column as featured in our bulletin.


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